Why You Need Avail IPM Based Safe And Natural Pest Control Solutions in Bangladesh?

Most of the people in Bangladesh is illiterate about the pest control and others bad health effects or adverse public health effects by ingesting hazardous pesticides based agro Vegitables. 99% Agro Farming and Their Harvested vegitables and fruits are Chemical Based in Control against all agro pest. We are the educated individuals we can easily imagine the adverse impact of toxic chemical uses in our agro farming and cultivation in Bangladesh. At village lebel farmers are using tons of toxic chemical based pesticides instead of IPM Based Organic Pest Solutions. Any visible and invisible pest could be controled efficiently by Using Pheromoe Traps, Others Luring Traps, Sticky Traps. Farmers not willing use them because of time consuming but they expensing more than the economic threshold levels. A farmer can buy 500BDT Investing Toxic Chemical methods instead of using 100BDT Investing Traps for Pest Issues in Bangladesh. In Developed countries every year they publish yearly toxic chemical used at crop fields. Even the public health adminstration Department take and promote ipm based safe and natural solutions instead of chemical uses. You have a bad taste experiences on buying ingesting toxic chemical based vegitables. Some People are serious to grow their garden vegitables with 100% alternatives to toxic chemical methods.

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