Urban Pest Control Pvt.Ltd aim to provide you with the best and healthiest diversity of pest Control solutions with worldwide used most effective and durable pesticides both for most destructive pest termite and others crawling and flying pests!


Termite Control Service

We Provide Termite Control Service in Bangladesh with Five year of service gaurantee. We have aristocrat worldwide mostly used Anti-termite pesticide, which are efficient, durable, having standard anti-termite pesticides application experience for 10 years in the practical field both for Preconstruction Anti-termite Treatment and Post-construction Anti-termite Treatment. Urban Pest Control in Bangladesh is rendering it’s professional Anti-termite treatment service to our valuable clients in the field of real estates and building owners, civil engineers with very satisfying results. We make proper plan, servay before each and every steps of anti-termite treatment. We provide 10 years of guaranteed termite treatment service against Most Destructive Structural Pest Termite. We also provide aftwr sales service to valued clients. So Don’t wait plz feel free to call us if you need to protect home and structures against Termite Pest.

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Cockroach Control Service

We Provide Anti-cockroach Treatment for home, commercial places and Industries by eco-friendly public health pesticide, which are nonpoisonous and non hazardous for health interior environment. Our services is guaranteed, efficient and durable, plz feel free to call us if you have any cockroach issues for your sweat home and commercial spaces. You can find us on google by Typing Urban Pest Control BD, Best Pest Control in Bangladesh, Pest Control in Dhaka City, Pest Control Near Me etc


Rodent Control Service

We Provide 100% Non Poisonous Rodent Control Services Through Out the Entire Bangladesh for Residential Homes, Commercial Spaces, Industries ans Warehouses with Most Professional Activated Efficient, Durable Ply Glue Boards, Rat Call, Rat Cases, Rodent Baits, Proper Rodent Proof Planning for Our Valued Clients for thier maximum satisfaction against Rodent Control. Our Rodent Control service is Effective and Guaranteed. Best Rodent Control Company in Bangladesh. Rodent Control is Very Much Essential for Home Might Carry Or Work As Vector of Dangerous Pathogens and Might Damage your valuable Clothes, Wiring, Foods, may Carry Health Risck too.

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Bedbug Control Service

In Bangladesh most of the commercial hotel, motel and beds, sofa, and chairs are being infected by Bedbugs, There is no evidences that Bedbugs carry pathogen but it feeds on worm blood of Mammals. Might carry pathogen need to conducts more Research scientifically.  If you have a bedbug problem in bed, sofa it will irritate and disappointing you mind set from normal lives. Plz feel free to call us if you have bed bug issues. We have best bedbug solutions which is guaranteed efficient eco-friendly.


Ant Control Service

In our home kitchen, bed room and food stores ant is common problem in Bangladesh.  We have ant control service with most effective durable eco-friendly public health pesticide.


Mosquito Fogging Service

We have a stock of wide range mosquito adulticide, larvicide, aerosol for mosquito fogging service at any premises to control most annoying, vector of pathogen mosquitos. If you need Mosquito Control Service Call us any time.


Flea Control Service

There is a common issues in Dhaka lives that is Flea infestation. We have flea pest control solutions for your home. If you have flea issues call us now. 

surface disinfectants are effective against COVID-19


Fumigation Service

Fumigation is basic pest control solution for stored grain, silos, warehouses. Some times bedbug infestation require fumigation service too. It requires standard Safety preparations for applicators, ventilation, concentration of fumigants etc. Urban Pest Control has all the standards to render your fumigation requirements.  Plz call us for free estimate and inspection. 


Spider Control Service

All the insects are not pest spider is also not a pest but if it live in your hone and commercial spaces it might be recognized as pest. Then it required to elimination by the pest control service. If you Have spider issues in your home plz call us.


Millipedes Control Service

In some home millipede might a issues as pest.  We provide millipede control service. Plz call us if you have millipede existancy in your home!


Centipede Control Service

If you have centipedes issues in ypur home Urban Pest Control has the best centipede control service. If you have centipedes in your home please call us. 

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