Luring Traps for Sell in Bangladesh

Urban Pest Control in Bangladesh is well known commercial Pest Control Service provider in Bangladesh. We are selling all kinds of baiting, Luring, Pheromone Traps, Bait Stations for any Pest Control in Safe and Natural Ways. We Sell Following Traps.
1. Termite Baiting Tool
2. Rat Glue Boards
3. Cockroach Control Baiting Traps
4. Rat Call
5. White Sticky Boards/roll
6. Blue Sticky Boards/roll
7. Yellow Sticky Boards/roll
8. Pheromone Traps
9. Yellow Jacket Traps
10. Light Traps
11. Insect Proof Plannings for Industries
12. Anti-Insect Light Profiling.
13. All Kinds Botanical Pesticides
14. Urban Pest Control Natural Safe Solutions by Baiting Traps.
15. Poultry Farming Organic Pest Control Solutions
16. Dairy Farm Organic Pest Control Solutions
17. Agro Pest Control Organic Solutions

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