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Pest Control Regulations

Pest Control Regulations of Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd.

  • Pest control acts by government of the people republic of Bangladesh.
  • Pest Control Regulations ltd. Handle only public health pesticides not agro pesticides.
  • Our services, appliances and products are haccp (hazard analysis at critical point) compliant.
  • We use the most effective pest control appliances, techs, safe application methodologies, organic/ botanical harmless pesticides, or who approved public health pesticides and optimum lethal dose and alternatives ways to inorganic toxic pesticides that let you to justify us that we are harmless for your health, kid, interior, exterior, trade and environment.
  • Pest control safety measures for foods, public health, lives, environment, eco-system and biodiversity.
  • Permission from directorate of health government of the people republic of Bangladesh
  • Public health pesticides evaluation and accessibility
  • World health organization
  • Chemical safety
  • Technical data assessment for urban pest management
  • Technical data sheet assessment for food industry Pest Control Regulations management in safe and healthy ways like zero expose of any pesticides on foods!
  • Modeling pest management plans and application
  • Research based proven safe pest control appliances and public health pesticides!
  • Evaluation and assessment of pesticide’s data sheets
  • Evaluation and assessment the lethal dose(ld50) and lethal concentration(lc50) of public health pesticides
  • Training on public health pesticides handling and application
  • Innovative researches are going on to discover alternatives to toxic pest control measures!
  • Monitoring, evaluation and reporting
  • Providing regular training to technicians
  • Adoption of all the necessary pest control safety measures and appliances.

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