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Urban Pest Control

Govt. Approved Licensed Urban Pest Control Company in Bangladesh.

An incorporated commercial pest management company in Bangladesh providing international standard Urban Pest Control services throughout entire Bangladesh, especially in Dhaka urban lifestyle, Chittagong, and Sylhet in the residential, commercial and industrial fields. A complete company profile for the first time in Bangladesh originated from the entomological domain to meet the professional commercial pest management and fumigation services in Bangladesh! It is franchised with many international reputed pest control companies from USA, Germany, Australia, and china!

This not only pest control company in Dhaka, Bangladesh but also an entomological forces among Urban Pest

companies in Bangladesh with an aim to provide responsive and well planned, durable professional termite control services (pre-construction anti-termite treament and post-construction anti-termite treatment to valuable investment home properties to protect against most destructive structural pest termite), bed bugs pest control services for homes, commercial institutes like hospital, clinic, school, college, university halls, large mass living dormitories etc, cockroach control service for homes, commercial kitchens, restaurants, commodities, super shops, food processing pants, food industries etc, fumigation services for house, commodities, food godown, aircraft, silos, finished product store room, warehouse, super shop, ship, container, commercial institutes, industries where ever need fumigation services, some of our special fumigation services includes-aircraft fumigation servicepackaging industry pest management servicerodent fumigation service, empty  house fumigation service, for 100%  export oriented industries we provide industrial pest management services, for commercial institutes we operate regular scheduled commercial pest manangement services, our special care and supervision goes with when we provide hospital pest management services, super shop pest managementfood industry pest managementfood grain fumigationsilos fumigation, pre-construction anti-termite treatmentwarehouse fumigationbed bug tent fumigationrestaurant pest managementhousehold pest managementcontainer fumigationmosquito controlfumigation serviceindustrial pest control and  household pest management services dhaka bangladesh such as bed bug control, rodent control, spider control, 

 flea controlgerman cockroach controlant controlcentipede control services! One of our specializations is the application of 100% non-poisonous innovated rodent bait station, light traps, electric zapper pest control tools, light attractive insect controlling light traps and updated pest management methodologies and international standard pest management consultancy and international standard industrial hygiene consultancy and issuing certification for 100% export-oriented industries.

This is the only pest management company in Bangladesh that conducts experiments on innovating 100% non-poisonous pest management tools and methodologies, this company avail all the necessary pest management appliances to meet industry compliance needs! It has fully equipped with a professional, strong, and well-trained exterminator team, official management team, entomologists they operate environmentally- friendly integrated pest management services and supervise field research on pest management, inspection, insect identifications, reporting, sampling, training, and seminars and modeling of integrated pest management strategies.

This company is working tirelessly to achieve local and international brands! It has been already passed five years of its reputable and renewed success journey with zero complaints and zero accidents and trusted by more than 10k clients from residential and corporate clients! Expert technician team at urban pest Pvt. Ltd. Is highly educated, trained by experienced applied entomologists and ensure zero catastrophes during the pest control and fumigation service operation, that’s let judge you how much we care about you, your family, your properties, kids, and interior environment and pets animals, finally we proudly reviewed by the daily star!  Review on urban pest Pvt. Ltd.®

  one of the first choice pest control companies in Bangladesh by the alliance and accord enlisted industries, trades, and homes in Bangladesh! Urban Pest Control Company ltd. Has at least 100 corporate and 10k residential customers. Our motto is to keep your sweet home, trades, and business environment free of nasty, disease-causing pathogen carriers and destructive pests like cockroach, termite, rodents (mice and rats), bed bugs, ants, spiders, mites, flea, beetles, and weevils from food grain and commodities! View the live speeches in you tube from the founder of urban pest ltd.®. Pest control services from Urban Pest Control control ltd.® are international standard, affordable, reasonable, and competitive! The company’s license numbers are as follows that will let you judge about urban pest control ltd.® -how much it is reliable and trustful to have professional pest control and fumigation service from this company for your trade and home! Best regards!

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