One of the Procedure applied in pre-construction anti-termite treatment can protect termites from entering our homes. The formation of a strong anti-termite pesticide induced barrier that separates the soil containing termites from the building. Not only a chemical fence surrounding the building can save the chance to separate the home from termite. Termite is very much destructive structural pest because it can destruct any building. Full protection of home from termite requires pre-construction termite treatment, post-construction termite treatment. When a build even is going to be livable it requires again a full phage of chemical treatment for all the wooden structures including Door frames, windows frame, cabinets, attached almirah, attached beautifying structures. Continuous observation if any more termite invasion found immediately you need to apply actual anti-termite pesticides. If you have any termite invasion in your home don’t wait call Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd. One of best, govt. approved commercial pest control company in Bangladesh. They Provide Standard Post-construction anti-termite treatment with five years guarantee, termite control certificate, supply anti-termite pesticides, Residential Termite Control, Apartment Termite Control, Termite Control Service for Interior Farms, Real-estate farms, govt. land developing farms, home owners etc. Termite control is mandatory for your existing home, going to be build home, office, ware house, super shops, medicine shop, commercial spaces.

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