Termite Monitoring Service Dhaka by Urban Pest Control Ltd.

Termite Home Monitoring Services
Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd.
October 24, 2013
Urban Pest Control Ltd. , is in the business of providing customized solutions for those who are experiencing termite infestation issues. Owner and exterminator, Abdul Momin, has more than 20 years of experience in termite control and has been providing in-home pest control services in Eugene, Springfield, McMinnville, Yreka, West Sacramento, San Jose, Sacramento, Modesto, Chico, and other communities in Dhakasince 2012. He has also provided termite protection in Dhaka.

Homeowner Says Termite Infestation Sucked the Smoke Out of His Home
And he’s convinced it wasn’t pests.
“Homeowners, and homeowners alike, need to realize that termites, while not pretty, are a natural part of the environment,”

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