Pest Control Service list by Urban Pest Control in Bangladesh

Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd. A Nationwide Trusted Govt. Approved Commercial Pest Control Company Profile in Bangladesh. We provide following pest Control Services in Bangladesh. We Are Capable to to Provide all kinds of Pest Control Demands in Safe Ways by the Application of IPM Based Traps, Plannings, Traps, Tools, and Botanical Pesticides.
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1. Termite Queen Luring/Termite Colony Elimination Execution.
2. Cockroach Removal by Traps
3. Bedbugs Control by Applying Safe Pesticides Don’t require leaving home.
4. Rat Control by Baits, Traps and Rat Calls materials.
5. Mosquito Control by Application of Adulticide and Larvicides.
6. Flea Mite Control by the application of Safe Pesticides and Glue/Sticky Traps Boards
7. Crop Protection by Traps and luring only by IPM based methods.
8. Urban Pest Control
9. Poultry Farming Pest Control
10. Agro Pest Control

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