You are currently viewing Mosquito Pandamic Update, July, 2023
100% Effective Mosquito Control Ways

Mosquito Pandamic Update, July, 2023

Mosquito Pandamic Update, July, 2023
100% Effective Mosquito Control Ways

21.07.2023, Md Abdul Momin, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Recently Mosquito Pest is biggest challenge in Bangladesh not only in Bangladesh it is now a Cosmopolitan pest issue. Till now it is not in under control by any pre or past inventions on mosquito Management.

Why Mosquito is now pandamic in Bangladesh?
Every single spaces in Bangladesh land it habituated by arround thousands of Mosquitos Population. They tiny in size, smart in body shape and adupted to flying from any angles. By the from from the only one cremator Allah made this dipteran fly with many features although it is very small in size. The Asian Tiger Mosquito life span About 42 days. Egg, larvae, pupa and adults are female and male. Only females are orally adapted for sucking mammalian worm blood. They genreate million of otheca with the total life span. Their flying ability is too much high that’s why they can suck more blood. Resently dengue out breaking is noticeable. Every thousands of people are being admitted at hospital with Dengue fever. And this Asian Tiger Mosquito is the main vector of that dengue fever. It is very demanded and a big challenge to control this mosquito pandamic right now!

100% Effective Mosquito Control Ways by the Applied Entomologist, Abdul Momin, Founder and Managing Director of Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd.

1. Removing and recycling all the possible Mosquito Breeding Places.
2. Engaging Appropriate Expert Applied Entomologist.
3. Implementation of IPM based plannings measures against this Most Dominating Pest.

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