You are currently viewing IPM Practice in Urban, Agro, Poultry, Dairy Pest Management in Bangladesh!

IPM Practice in Urban, Agro, Poultry, Dairy Pest Management in Bangladesh!

What is IPM?
IPM is a environmental sustainability infrastructure development which reduce the application of Pesticides, Insecticides Chemicals, Application of 100% Alternatives toxic chemical methods like traps and others activities like monitoring by latest devices and field works, Evaluation by Field data, Implementation of Cost Effective Ways like traps, physical barriers, Chemical Fencing,Luring Don’t use of Direct Pesticides on Crop plants and fruits.

IPM Practice in Urban Pest Control in Bangladesh?
There is very rare uses ipm in Urban pest control in Bangladesh. Urban Pest Control named pest control company is using termite queen luring in Bangladesh for residential termite control. It is most sophisticated requires very low quantity of luring pesticide or insecticide. It is safe, cost effective requires continuous monitoring and demonstration and application of luring materials. Uses Rat Glue, Termite Bait Stations, Luring Traps, Feeding Monitor of Insects like bedbugs and cockroaches is very effective and eco-friendly, alternatives to toxic chemical methods.

We should use IPM Based Tools, and Traps for any Pest Issues.
Urban Pest Control Developed IPM based Pest Control Tools named As Pest Exterminator which are available for anyone from anywhere around the Bangladesh.
Call us for Any IPM Services and Solutions. For Organic Farming IPM Practice is One Of the Mandatory options among the others chemical methods available in Bangladesh. A Manufacturing Agro Farmers must be fine if he use any hazardous pesticides on his farm. Every farmers should try to use and apply IPM Based Traps and Tools.

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