How to identify Best Quality Pest Control?

When it is Necessary to avail commercial pest control services from a commercial pest control company then following criteria should take in evaluation about the pest control company.
They are as follow as..
1. Availed Govt. Commercial Pest Control Licence.
2. Having Fire Licence.
3. Having Active Expert Applied Entomologist.
4. Have Safe 100% Efficient Pestcides and 100% alternatives to toxic pesticides measures.
5. Having well behaviour expert trained Pest Control Team.
6. Responsive As Per Immediate Pest Control Requirement.
7. Providing Proper Safety Preperation before and After Service Operation.
8. Keeping Client Details and Client list.
9. Providing Proper Pest control Documentation including Validity Certificate, Reporting, Inspection and Monitoring Report.
10. Offering Follow Up Treatment after service.
11. Covering others safety for others home appliances.
12. Medicine Details and proper application procedures.
13. Providing Food Safety.
14. Providing Proper Pest Control Tools and Sophisticated And Newly Invented Pest Control Technology.

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