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How to deal with termite control?

Just like others pest control companies in Bangladesh. Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd. Operating safe, cost effective guaranteed hassle free Anti-termite treatment for 10 Years. They provide no driling no labour based chemical treatment against termite. They provide very less invasive but effective medicine at very optimal dosage at termite invaded points of a building. The pesticide applied against termite is less toxic and applied amount is very small. When Slow poison is absolutely absorbed by the termite invaded cellulose made boards and concrete it feed on that cellulose. They already have engested poision but they couldn’t noticed immediately after engestion and regurgitation to queen feeding on that regurgitation. Ultimately queen luring started queen got death by luring method entire termite colony elimination excuted. So it Doesn’t require driling and appling dangerous fumigant and the application of agro chemicals to control termite. Deal with and consult with Expert Applied Entomologist who know the procedure details of termite luring or termite baiting methods properly.

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Applied Entomologist, Abdul Momin, Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd.

Termite control
Termite control

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