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How much Does pest control service cost?

Every pest control service require inspection esimtimation and finally implementation.


For Residential Pest Aganist
1. Termite Control Charge-500SFT-1000SFT=2000BDT, For 1500-2500SFT=3000BDT.

2. Cockroach Control Charge-500SFT-1000SFT=1500BDT, For 1500-2500SFT=2000BDT.

3. Rat Control Charge- 500SFT-1000SFT=2000BDT, For 1500-2500SFT=3000BDT.

4. Bedbug Control Charge-500SFT-1000SFT=2000BDT, For 1500-2500SFT=3000BDT

For Industrial General Pest Service Charge-100000SFT< 0.23BDT including all types of pest control service with Proper Pest Control Documents and Pest Control Validity Certificate.

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