Cockroach Problem in Dhaka

Cockroach Problem in Dhaka Area
An article written in 2006 claims that around 2000 people die due to cockroach problems in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This is roughly 0.001% of the people living in the city. The article says that such deaths may seem like a joke, but some people have died as a result of living in cockroach infested houses.
To give you an idea of how many people die in the city due to cockroach problems, let’s assume it is such cases where cockroaches came in between the heart and lungs, depriving the heart of oxygen, which would then result in the person dying.
The article claims that problems like cockroach problems are becoming serious and they have to go for an overnight stay to live inside a hospital.
Cockroach Problem in dhaka Area
According to the article titled “Cockroach problem in the Greater Tokyo Area”, there are three kinds of cockroaches in Japan. First is the Red Roach. It can be a serious problem for Japanese houses in the rainy season. Red Roaches are the worst nuisance that

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