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Best Pest Control services in Dhaka

Pest control is the regulation or management of a species defined as a pest, a member of the animal kingdom that impacts adversely on human activities. This can be achieved by monitoring the crop, only applying insecticides when necessary, and by growing varieties and crops which are resistant to pests. Urban Pest Control BD Best Pest Control Services In Dhaka ,  also provide  Moving service in Dhaka, shifting service in Dhaka city. Why should I get my home pest controlled? Dhaka,

pest control service in dhaka

Do you need a pest control service in Dhaka? We are available to provide pest control training and services in the entire Dhaka city and all over Bangladesh.

What Is Pest Control?

A few people consider bugs or creepy crawlies when they hear “bugs”, while others consider raccoons, squirrel, mice, or rodents (in certain territories, even deer may fit the “bug” classification for certain individuals!). So what is pest control? A “bother”Pest Control In Dhaka is a creepy-crawly, rat, or natural life that is viewed as bothersome in light of the fact that they either attack individuals’ homes or organizations, causing harm or elevating the danger of imparting an ailment or disease. So bother control would be the way toward overseeing (by utilizing obstacles or anti-agents) or expelling bugs from the house or spot of business. 

Pest Control service in Dhaka

Overseeing or controlling nuisances should be possible with various techniques. Murdering them is regularly done (utilizing the administrations of an exterminator or doing it without anyone’s help), yet there are strategies for other conscious bug pest control service in dhaka accessible as well. These incorporate utilizing sound to dissuade or repulse pests and making changes around the property to keep bothers from entering. Forestalling a pest issue is far desirable over managing one that is as of now occurred… be that as it may, on the off chance that the issue as of now exists, at that point there’s no chance to get around it: the pest(s) must be evacuated first. pest control dhaka

Creepy crawlies and natural life enter structures essentially to look for nourishment, sanctuary, and warmth. The territories commonly influenced are the loft, the cellar, and the rooftop. Mortgage holders can do a few things to help guarantee we don’t give a situation that is alluring to bugs – for instance, we can keep our spaces perfect and uncluttered, without simple concealing spots. In like manner, in the territories outside the home, pest control in Dhaka we can ensure we don’t stack kindling or different things close to the house, and keep tree limbs cut away from the home. We can seal up any conspicuous regions where nuisances may attempt to enter. pest control service in dhaka

An expert bug pest control service i Dhaka administration can help a lot in forestalling and controlling pest as well. They can assess the premises to decide if there are pests inside (some of the time it’s difficult to know without a doubt, as a property holder… we possibly suspect there might be nuisances when we hear clamors albeit once in a while we will see proof, for example, defecation).

These services can:

  • Figure out where pests are entering the home;
  • Deal with any pests already in the home (identification of the type of pest is done first, of course);
  • Advise whether there is any damage due to pests;
  • Spray regularly to help prevent insects, if you wish;
  • Seal off entry points that we don’t have ready or easy access to.

A few administrations will utilize lure or traps, and some represent considerable authority in sympathetic bug evacuation and avoidance. On the off chance that you have pets in the home,pest control Dhaka  ask whether the strategies utilized are harmful to pets.

The objective of nuisance control is to basically expel any creepy crawly or natural life from territories where individuals live or work. What kind of approach is utilized to oversee nuisances is the decision of the property pest control service in dhaka, holder and may likewise be directed by the circumstance itself. Empathetic techniques are getting progressively mainstream however there might be circumstances in which they won’t work. In any case, the objective is to forestall (or limit) auxiliary or other harm brought about by these pests, and decrease the danger of bugs spreading infection or ailment to individuals.

What does Pest Control mean?

Pest control service in Dhaka is an enormous class in the cultivation business. Basically, bother control incorporates everything a plant specialist does both to keep bugs from assaulting their plants and annihilate bug invasions once they happen.

In cultivation, particularly in nurseries and develop rooms, bother pest control in dhaka alternatives incorporate compound and natural pesticides, just as a large group of different choices, for example, coordinated pest the board (IPM), clingy traps, screens, great individual cleanliness, ecological control, and the sky is the limit from there.

There are a few parts of bug control, including organic bug pest control dhaka, which is setting nature in opposition to nature. In these cases, useful creepy crawlies are released in a kept space to assault (eat) the pest bugs.


Pest control services is a basic piece of farming. In reality, bugs can decrease nourishment security, severy affecting yields. While pesticides are ordinarily used to treat different kinds of nuisances, these substances have likewise been demonstrated to be very unsafe to plants, sometimes in any event, killing them. Maltreatment (abuse) of pesticides can even contaminate water supplies while negatively affecting the general soundness of the ranchers.


For the above reasons, a few ranchers select elective pest control service in Dhaka strategies, for example, crop revolution. This includes periodically switching back and forth between various harvest species so as to prevent the pests from becoming accustomed to similar sorts of plants. This strategy additionally has the upside of empowering soil richness through nitrogen diffused from the roots.

On the other hand, a few growers likewise decide to go for polyculture rather than pesticides. This involves developing various kinds of yields in a similar space, which has been known to expand neighborhood biodiversity while diminishing the harvest’s weakness to various sorts of bugs and maladies. On the other side, polyculture requires more labor and support. pest control in dhaka city

Other reasonable nuisance pest control service in dhaka choices incorporate setting clingy traps up, or planting financier plants, which, notwithstanding polyculture, is a type of buddy planting.

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Pest Control Methods

Three types of pest control methods

  1. Chemical Pest Control Methods
  2. Organic Pest Control Methods
  3. Rodent Pest Control Methods


The natural pest control service in dhaka technique, otherwise called organic pest control, is a strategy for controlling bug creature species (predators), pathogens or parasites). The most widely recognized common procedures that permit this are called predation, parasitism, and herbivory. For the only remaining century, the most critical accomplishments as far as natural nuisance

 best pest control service in dhaka were made by people. The anthropogenic factor makes a domain for the improvement and support of IPM (coordinated nuisance the board programs). The normal predators of pests are called organic control operators. These are generally predators yet creatures, for example, parasitoids and pathogens have a place with similar classification.

It’s imperative to bring up that any kind of natural pest control service in dhaka city or leaves an impression on Earth and influences creepy crawlies biodiversity. If not executed appropriately, an IPM may prompt the annihilation of specific nuisance animal varieties, which is a characteristic prey of the recently presented predator, Pest Control Services In Dhaka


3 basic types of organic  pest control in dhaka are currently being used effectively. Anyone interested in pest control methods should carefully read the information we provide for each of them.


The natural pest control technique, otherwise called organic pest control service in dhaka, is a strategy for controlling bug creature species (predators), pathogens or parasites). The most widely recognized common procedures that permit this are called predation, parasitism, and herbivory. For the only remaining century, the most critical accomplishments as far as natural nuisance

pest control service in Dhaka were made by people. The anthropogenic factor makes a domain for the improvement and support of IPM (coordinated nuisance the board programs). The normal predators of pests are called organic pest control in dhaka operators. These are generally predators yet creatures, for example, parasitoids and pathogens have a place with similar classification.

It’s imperative to bring up that any kind of natural pest control leaves an impression on Earth and influences creepy crawlies biodiversity. If not executed appropriately, an IMP may prompt the annihilation of specific nuisance animal varieties, which is a characteristic prey of the recently presented predator.


The natural pest control technique, otherwise called organic pest control service in dhaka, is a strategy for controlling bug creature species (predators), pathogens or parasites). The most widely recognized common procedures that permit this are called depredation, parasitism, and herbivore. For the only remaining century, the most critical accomplishments as far as natural nuisance pest pest control service in Dhaka were made by people. The anthropocentric factor makes a domain for the improvement and support of IMP (coordinated nuisance the board programs). The normal predators of pests are called organic control operators. These are generally predators yet creatures, for example, paranoids and pathogens have a place with similar classification.

It’s imperative to bring up that any kind of natural pest control services in Dhaka leaves an impression on Earth and influences creepy crawlies biodiversity. If not executed appropriately, an IMP may prompt the annihilation of specific nuisance animal varieties, which is a characteristic prey of the recently presented predator. Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd.


The protection bug pest control Dhaka, technique has the motivation behind giving great conditions to the natural operator that is as of now used to the living space and the focus on bothering for elimination. These conditions are made falsely by individuals with the goal that the vermin’s normal adversary can endure, repeat and live in a substantially more reasonable condition.

At the point when wasps are the essential natural unit, nectar-creating plants are planted by people to guarantee the protection pest control service in dhaka of the wasps. Along these lines, the flying bugs will keep up and even increment their populace, which will assist them with continuing the natural killing of the focused on the bug (regularly different creepy crawlies) as wasps are flesh-eating and feed on different creatures too. 

At the point when preservation pest control service in dhaka, is done appropriately, the need for compound bug sprays is incredibly diminished. This gives a chance to plants with much better quality and less poisonous quality.

You can utilize preservation strategies for YID bother control purposes even in your nursery. Essentially figure out how to pull in winged animals in your nursery. Along these lines, you will dispose of at any rate a few creepy-crawly animal varieties fowls feed on. pes control in dhaka city

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  1. Dragonflies
    Dragonflies naturally hunt on mosquitoes and are able to exterminate them while the pest control service in dhaka is in the water or in the air. Organic pest control of these types is preferred, compared to using chemical pesticides, which along with the mosquitoes, kill dragonflies as well.
  2. Lacewings
    Green lacewings are used for organic pest control service in dhaka of insects and mites, especially in agriculture and private gardens. These biological control agents are the perfect weapon against Colorado potato beetles, many caterpillars, borers, corn ear worms, leaf hoppers, white flies and more. Sources of sugar are very tempting to lacewings and attract them in an instant (in case you decide you need some in your garden).
  3. Ground beetle
    Ground beetles are very beneficial insects for your garden – they create tunnels under the ground, which are later used for hunting their prey. Usually, the ground beetles hunt or insect which are common pests such as corn ear worms, asparagus beetles, cabbage worms and more. Flat stones provide the perfect shelter for the ground beetles, feel free to place some in your garden to attract this biological control agent to your yard. pest control service in dhaka
  4. Centipedes
  5. Ladybugs
    Ladybugs are harmless, their larvae, on the other side, are a vicious predator that feeds on pests such as aphids, greenfly, mites, and some caterpillars. Next time you spot plenty of ladybugs in your garden, we advise you to better let them spread even further instead of exterminating them.
  6. Frogs
  7. Lizards
  8. Hedgehogs
  9. Birds
  10. Cats
  11. Ferrets
  12. Birds of prey (Some are used as a bird control methods, primarily for deterrence).
  13. Dogs
    Rat terriers kill field mice, rats, June bugs, and birds. Dogs chase away many types of pest animals. Terriers are great helpers to farmers who want to deal with tons of sneaky rodents without the use of pesticides. pest control service in dhaka
  14. Toads
    There’s no need to explain this any further. Simply take a look at this gluttonous toad, it eats anything in its sight.


Parasitism insects are types of insect species that lay their eggs inside the body of a host. The body is later used by the larvae as a food source. Parasitism insects are among the most suitable animals for the organic pest control method. There are four major groups of parasitism insects:

  1. Ichneumonid wasps
    This species prey on caterpillars and moths, which makes a very efficient biological control agent.
  2. Braconid wasps
    Feed on greenflies and use cabbage white caterpillar as host for their larvae. Great for organic pest control in gardens.
  3. Chalcid wasp
    Parasitizes the eggs and the larvae of whiteflies, greenflies, strawberry tortrix moth and other insect species.
  4. Tachinid fly
    The tachinid fly’s larvae are endoparasites, which means internal parasites. They use the bodies of insects such as caterpillars, butterflies, and moths as a host. Bees and sawflies are also parasitized by the Tachinidae
  5. Parasitic nematodes are species that aim to kill other insects in order to change the process of their development. Nematodes are also popular by the name roundworms and there are over 25 000 species of nematodes on Earth.
  6. There are 2 major types of nematodes. The first type is predatory and is very suitable for organic pest control service in dhaka procedures as they kill various pests. The other type spread plant viruses between separate plantations and are considered to be extremely
  7. harmful in the agricultural aspect.
  8. Predatory nematodes will protect your garden from cutworms, corn earworm moths and other nematode species which are pests. pest control
  9. Most of the parasitic nematode species live in the top layer of the soil, not deeper than 15cm from the surface. Unlike other organisms, nematodes do not decompose organic matter, instead, they feed on living organisms. Bacteria can be destroyed effectively by nematodes, which makes its regulation much easier. An average of 5000 bacterial organisms may be destroyed per minute by nematodes. pest control service in dhaka city Bangladesh,

Biological Pest Control Method Advantages and Benefits

The beneficial outcomes of organic pest control are irrefutable. It’s something that happens in nature naturally and individuals make further advancements to get the majority of what Earth gives us as techniques for natural pest control service in dhaka city.

Some are as yet befuddled about what are the genuine focal points and advantages of the natural vermin control forms. That is the reason we are going to bring up the 3 essential points of interest, which put forth any natural bug control attempts absolutely sensible. pest control in dhaka city

Any type of organic nuisance pest control is preferred for the earth over utilizing synthetic concoctions as an answer. There is no water or soil tainting when the natural bug control technique is utilized. Natural control specialists that are utilized in IPM programs are innocuous except if their populace gains out of power.

The danger of losing declarations of any sort in case you’re a rancher is enormously diminished when organic bug control is utilized as an option in contrast to the concoction medications.

Here is the full list of biological pest control advantages related to sustainability:

  • Reduced toxicity of groundwater
  • Beneficial insects are preserved
  • Plant food nutrients are maintained at high levels
  • More quality food
  • No soil contamination
  • Better soil fertility
  • Cleaner air


As referenced before, exact focusing on is a gigantic preferred position of the natural pest control. At the point when another life form should annihilate a vermin it, as a rule, undermines just the focused on the bug and that’s it. 

This exact focusing on extraordinarily safeguards other creature species in the region of bug control, for example, winged animals, reptiles, warm-blooded animals and other non-focused on creepy crawlies. pest control company in dhaka

Untamed life experiences synthetic nuisance control and natural techniques for annihilation forestall this.

Truth be told, as indicated by an article, distributed by the Guardian, about 97% of the imperiled species on Earth are compromised of annihilation just from 2 very risky pesticides. 


The primary thing that brings out when you hear “pesticides” is presumably disease. Also, there’s a purpose behind this. Malignancy among kids expands every year and one reason for this is most likely the utilization of pesticides.

Natural bug expels the danger of malignant growth from expending farming items or possibly limits it essentially as the plants are not splashed with synthetic compounds.

According to medical studies, products like pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers are linked not just to cancer but to a whole list of diseases such as:

  1. Breast cancer
  2. Brain functionality issues
  3. Various Birth defects
  4. Parkinson’s disease
  5. Infertility
  6. Autism
  7. Childhood leukemia
  8. Depression
  9. Prostate cancer

All these terrifying diseases may be avoided with the implementation of organic pest control instead of spraying with chemical pesticides.


USA Today published an article in which the fruits that contain most pesticides are listed, based on research and studies conducted by the Environmental Working Group. pest control service in dhaka

According to these two trusted sources, the fruits that are richest in pesticides and we buy and consume quite often are:

  • Strawberries
  • Spinach
  • Nectarines
  • Apples
  • Peaches
  • Pears
  • Cherries
  • Grapes
  • Celery
  • Tomatoes
  • Sweet bell peppers
  • Potatoes


Normal solutions for bother control were utilized sometime before the innovation of the synthetic substances that presently to a great extent circulated over the entire world. Most characteristic pesticides serve fundamentally as anti-agents and just make the vermin flee from the splashed territories. Other regular substances are a lot more grounded and can stop different nuisances.

Most normal pesticides are set up by blending quintessence from plants and weed with water. This permits simple and effective showering over the regions, which get every now and again plagued and undermine the life of plants. 

We’ve mentioned such DIY solutions in other posts in our pest control blog but let’s see more of them:


Diatomaceous earth is the alpha and omega of home cures; you’ll see it in each rundown, for the most part at the top. It’s one of a kind structure, which comprises of overly little and sharp particles crushes the exoskeleton of creepy crawlies like cockroaches and prompts all-out lack of hydration and demise. It’s very viable! That is the reason at Panther Pest Control services; we strongly prescribe this home solution for any of you, particularly if cockroach has swarmed the property.

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Basic. Crush some dry chile into powder and blend in with a cup of diatomaceous earth. Include around 2 liters of water and let it settle down for a few hours. Shake a long time before you apply it and begin splashing all once again where bugs were spotted.


Neem oil is such a decent characteristic solution for bug control that even Indians have utilized it for securing their estates. There are in excess of 50 common bug sprays in the neem juice, which makes it top 1 characteristic anti-agents (profoundly questionable proclamation to a few).

You needn’t bother with in excess of an ounce of neem oil separate for your DIY bug control splash. Blend it in with a teaspoon of fluid cleanser and add some high temp water to these fixings. Mix it and put inside a splash bottle. At that point, you’ll have a working and fight tried neem juice shower that executes bugs day in and day out. 

A total guide on the most proficient method to utilize neem leaves as a characteristic pesticide.


Tobacco is terrible for anybody, not simply people, It’s perilous mixes execute vermin, for example, caterpillars and aphids rapidly. 

200gr of tobacco blended in with water will give some incredible harm to any nuisance creepy crawlies in your nursery. You can splash practically any plants aside from nightshades, for example, peppers, tomatoes, eggplants and the sky is the limit from there.


Lime sulfur and lethargic oil are best utilized as a shower, applied straightforwardly on the storage compartment and parts of organic product trees while they are torpid. This will stop the oxygen to any creepy crawly eggs on the tree. 

It’s essential to call attention to that this blend of sulfur and oil must be applied uniquely during torpidity, else it will make inescapable harm the tree.

For most extreme proficiency, it’s prescribed to hold up until daytime when the temperature is somewhere in the range of 12 and 15 °C for 3 or 4 back to back days. Apply the splash before the buds of the tree open. Applying past the point of no return or too soon will prompt no accomplishment of the natural nuisance treatment.


Aspartame is a sugar substance that is innocuous to individuals in little amounts yet murders ants super effectively. Simply consolidate aspartame with a fluid that is clingy and sugary, for example, squeezed apple and sprinkle it where ants slither inside your property. 

The juice will draw in them rapidly and once they devour some of it, they’re damned.


This blend is essentially fatal. Utilize equivalent pieces of the two substances and spread like the manner in which you’d utilize the aspartame blend. The borax powder is more successful as it produces results all the more gradually which gives the harmed ants time to get to the state, where they’ll spread the toxin further.

Her strategy is to blend equivalent parts and corn syrup and spread on a record card. The ants are pulled in to the sugar, eat it and return it to their home and it harms them. Once more, not a quick fix, however a decent long haul one.


A few bug sprays are appropriate for application in your nursery against different nuisances yet some are just better. We’ve inquired about the best bug sprays for a vegetable nursery that is natural and safe. Moreover, they’ll give fast and effective outcomes without the additional hustle that prevents others from doing any nuisance control themselves.


This is produced using very well-refined concentrates of unrefined petroleum. Agricultural oils have the ideal application for gardens since this substance presents zero danger to people and natural control specialists which annihilate bothers naturally.

Green oil has a moment destructive impact on bug creepy crawlies because of a definitive capacity of this substance to obstruct the pores of the exoskeleton, through which the bug ingests oxygen.

At the point when you splash with agricultural oils ensure you cautiously control the temperature of the fluid. It ought not to surpass 30°C, neither should it be colder than 4.5 °C, else it will make hurt the plant.

Utilize the oil shower viable against any of these irritations: creepy crawly bugs, whiteflies, aphids, leafhoppers, corn earworms and so forth.

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Every single such bug spray comprises essentially of pyrethrin, which is separated from blossoms of the pyrethrum chrysanthemum plant. This concentrate, blended in with water, makes the ideal natural irritation control splash for most basic family nuisances, for example, ants, insects, aphids, cockroaches, flies, wasps, caterpillars and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

It gets immediately expelled from plants and soil and makes no harm any of these aside from the irritations. It’s additionally non-lethal to family unit pets and to people.

To clear out creepy crawlies with a pyrethrin-based item they ought to have contact with the substances, to its prescribed to shower legitimately on them or to treat all plagued surfaces with the splash.

furthermore, domesticated animals. Pyrethrin fills in as a quick wreck for creepy crawlies when they interact with it, yet they may restore if the portion you use isn’t sufficiently high.

Significant! – Pyrethrin-based items are known for devastating gainful creepy crawlies as well, which may upset the fertilization of your nursery. This is the reason we strongly prescribe to utilize it just in the event that your plants are seriously invaded by a specific vermin. Once executed, you can splash the treated plants with unadulterated water to limit the danger of murdering gainful creepy crawlies.

Pyrethrin-based splashes may end up being inadequate and possibly shock creepy crawlies as opposed to murdering them if the pith isn’t blended in with synergists, for example, piperonyl butoxide. In the event that you don’t have the achievement, look for elective mixes you can add to your splash to improve its lethal potential.


This is viable just too creepy crawlies with delicate bodies, for example, insect bugs, mealybugs, aphids, and whiteflies. This may be a bit of leeway as other gainful creepy crawlies won’t be hurt by the acids of the insecticidal cleanser.

Don’t hesitate to utilize insecticidal cleanser splash in your vegetable nursery, it’s exceptionally far-fetched to make any damage to your veggies. Try not to utilize any standard cleanser items for dishes or hands, regardless of whether some express that they would slaughter the creepy-crawly, such items may accomplish more damage to your plants than security from bugs.

Ingredients for the spray:

  1. 5 tablespoons of insecticidal spray
  2. 3.8 liters of water
  3. Use cooking oil if you want to make the solution more sticky

Use it with care and if you spot any unpleasant effect on your plants, treat with clean water and don’t use the spray anymore.

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#2. Chemical Pest Control Methods

After the detailed guide on biological pest control in the previous chapter, it’s now time to present you anything you need to know about the chemical pest control methods used for pest extermination anywhere across the world.

They are not so sustainable as the organic ones but are often more effective and will be used in the future even more extensively. You need to be familiar with the most popular chemical pesticides and their effect on production and the environment because it’s strictly related to your health.


Chemical pest control methods have been used for thousands of years by civilizations which had much less knowledge than the current population. Sumerians found out that sulfur gives great results in insect extermination.

However, the actual revolution in chemical pesticides happened during the 18th and 19th century when the industrial revolution required much more efficient pest treatments in terms of scale, effectiveness, and speed.

To present days, chemical pest control methods are among the major types of pest extermination practices and despite the fact that pesticides often lead to serious health issues, chemical compounds are vastly produced and sold across the whole world.

Here are the major types of chemical pesticides that are used nowadays in agriculture, domestic and commercial properties for pest control of various insects and rodents:


Fungicides are chemical compounds or organic organisms with biocidal properties, which help for the destruction of fungi and fungal spores. Fungi may cause severe disruption of any agricultural process.

This leads to losses of yield and lowers the final quality of the production. Apart from using fungicides in agriculture, they give very good results when used to cure fungal infections inside animals.

The major active ingredient of almost any fungicide is sulfur, which may turn out to be 0.5% of what is contained inside some of the heavier fungicides.

Here is the full list of fungicides used in agriculture. Refer to it whenever you need additional information


  1. Fungicides control mycotoxin-producing pathogens
  2. Great value per cost. An artichoke production company in California earned 27 million pounds of artichokes for 1 000 pounds of chemical fungicide being invested.
  3. Kills fungi and fungal spores with great efficiency


Fungi can be controlled effectively without the use of chemicals. It’s much more sustainable and causes no damage to the soil or pollution of any kind. Some plants do a great job in the fight with fungi because of their naturally evolved defensive system.

Processing plants into sprays, mixtures, and compounds of any other kind, turns out to be a great way to make natural fungicide. You can use any of the following extracts for the preparation of natural fungicides:

  1. Nimbin
  2. Tea tree oil
  3. Citronella oil
  4. Jojoba oil
  5. Rosemary oil
  6. Monocerin
  7. Oregano Oil

If you’re interested in making a fungicide yourself and buying any from the store sounds like a bad idea, don’t hesitate to take a look at this detailed on how to make DIY fungicide for plants.


Insecticides are any chemical substances that are used for insect extermination. They successfully help to eliminate insects and any life stage, including ovicides, larvicides, eggs, and larvae.

Particular types of insecticides are used for exact purposes in a field like agriculture and medicine. One of the main reasons for the increased productivity of agriculture in the last century is the development of better and more affordable insecticides.

On the other hand, insecticides are able to cause damage to the ecosystem and health, that’s why recent studies and efforts are made towards increased implementation of organic pest control methods.

There two major classifications of insecticides:

  1. With residual effect
  2. Without residual effect (contact insecticides)
  3. Another classification of the insecticides may be made based on their repellant qualities, this categorizes them in:
  1. Repellent
  2. Non-repellent

Repellent insecticides are more suitable when a pest is targeted for extermination. This way it will bring much of the insecticide to the colony and will wipe it out.

Repellents are used in agriculture when people want only to keep the pest away from plants. When extermination is not planned, repellents give great efficiency. The drawback is that repellents should be applied more often, especially if water has been applied over the plants after rain for instance.

Repellents have much quicker effect in terms of crop preservation but don’t deal with the source of the infestation, while non-repellent insecticides kill the insect but such compounds are often more toxic and contaminate both – the soil and the crops often beyond the suggested requirements.


  1. Organophosphates and carbamates
  2. Neonicotinoids
  3. Ryanoids
  4. Organochlorides
  5. Pyrethroids (*should not be mistaken with pyrethrum which is an organic compound)


Nematicide is a chemical pesticide that kills nematodes that parasitize on plants. The use of this chemical pesticide is very important for potato crops because of the soil-borne nematodes. Of course, nematicides may be natural such as extracts of neem oil.

Non-fumigant nematicides are among the most popular type. They have low volatility and spread easily after sprayed on soil. If water is sprayed on the soil the spreading of the non-fumigant nematicides becomes much faster.

In case the nematicides are naular, you can enhance their effect by manually inserting them deeper in the soil. A rainfall would also help but if the insecticide has been sprayed as a liquid.


Non-fumigant nematicides have low volatility and diffuse through the soil (generally for short distances only) dissolved in the soil solution. Their movement may be enhanced by water movement through irrigation or rainfall. If in granular formulations, their distribution may be enhanced by physical incorporation into the soil.


  1. Groundwater contamination with toxins
  2. Exposure to chemicals
  3. People who use machinery for insecticide applications are at higher risk.
  4. Delayed harvest
  5. Specific minimum time for the residual effect to fade away is required which may postpone harvest.
  6. Pesticide poisoning
  7. Higher levels of mortality occur when certain regulations for usage are not followed.


Rodenticides are chemical pesticides, designed specifically for the extermination of rodents such as rats and mice.

Most rodenticides are lethal and do not serve only as repellents. They are produced and applied in the form of food which the rodents consume. It may take several hours to a few days for a rodent to be killed after consuming a infanticide.

However, rodents often sense the threat and observe the infanticide for a long time before consuming it. This is known as poison shyness and to reduce this, scientists now develop dentifrices with a very strong residual effect.

Instead of killing the rodent instantly, it causes dehydration and hemorrhage which cannot be stopped. This helps for avoiding problems related to rodents dying inside tiny crevices.


Generally, dentifrices are considered to be a threat if consumed by other animals but that is a serious concern only if huge amounts of the chemical pesticide is consumed.

Secondary poisoning may occur if a rodent that has died from poisoning is consumed by a pet such as a cat. This only happens when an anticoagulant rodent bait has been used for the rodent infestation.

Such anticoagulants have a residual effect and the poison is stored inside the livers of mice and rats. When a predator eats the dead rodent, the poison from the liver gets spread inside the system of the other animal and second poisoning is observed.

However, this should not be a concern since modern dentifrices require multiple cases of consumption until they have a deadly effect. This is why you should always place more rodent poison whenever you see that the initially applied has been consumed.


As mentioned above, an anticoagulant is the type of dentifrices that may cause injury or death to another animal after a secondary poisoning.

When consumed by rodents, an anticoagulant requires one or two weeks to exterminate the rodent. The number of ingestions required depends on the generation of the anticoagulant insecticide. If they are from the first generation, multiple doses are required. In case they are a 2nd gen even a single-dose is enough to put an end to almost any rodent with a moderate size.

Anticoagulants cause death to rodents because they block the vitamin K cycle which causes a malfunction in the blood-clotting process.

A list of anticoagulants – rodenticides

  1. Warfarin
  2. Chlorphacinone
  3. Diphacinone
  4. Bromadiolone
  5. Difethialone
  6. Brodifacoum
  7. Bromethalin
  8. Cholecalciferol
  9. Zinc phosphide
  10. Strychnine

Metal phosphides
Metal phosphides are rodenticides that kill pests with a single dose. They are fast-acting and death from ingestion occurs in 1 to 3 days. Of all-metal phosphides, zinc is the most popular for rodenticide usage, mixed with food.

If other types of rodenticides have been used before without good success, it’s recommended to switch into a metal phosphide rodenticide. This is required because rats and mice give offspring too frequently and adapt to a pesticide within a short period of time, after which it has no effect on them.

A concentrate of about 0.75% to 2.0% is usually is added in rodenticides of this type. Such poison baits are distinct because of their strong garlic flavor. The odor is in fact very attractive to rodents but repels other animals which makes it very versatile as other animal species will leave it aside instead of eating it, which may disrupt the rodent extermination process.

Secondary poisoning, when metal phosphides are used, is not an issue. The risk is very low to zero because phosphides cannot accumulate in the liver of an animal similar to anticoagulants.
Hypercalcemia-causing Pesticides
Those are chemicals such as Calciferols, cholecalciferol, and ergocalciferol. For people, these are healthy vitamins but to the rodent, they affect negatively the homeostasis in the body. When the rodent eats enough poisonous baits which cause hypocalcemia, the calcium levels increase so much that it starts to dissolve in the blood plasma.

The organs of the rodent that get most damaged are kidneys, stomach, and lungs – the literally harden and become calcified.

Such rodenticides may not be deadly for your pet after an accidental consumption but its health may be affected. Always place poisonous baits in crevices where animals different from the targeted pest for extermination won’t be able to gain access.
Additional Less familiar Rodenticides

  1. Barium carbonate
  2. Chloralose
  3. Endrin
  4. Fluoroacetamide
  5. Phosacetim
  6. Pyrinuron
  7. Scilliroside
  8. Sodium fluoroacetate
  9. Strychnine
  10. Tetramethylenedisulfotetramine
  11. Thallium sulfate
  12. Nitrophenols

Advantages and Disadvantages of Chemical Pest Control

Chemical pest control is used across the whole world although it’s a double-edged blade. It provides decent efficiency in most cases but at high costs in terms of ecological impact. However, in many cases, it appears to be the only reasonable solution. For this reason, you should take a look at the two different points of view – chemical pest control with its advantages and why it’s not such a good practice for pest extermination.

Advantages of Chemical Pest Control

  1. Effectiveness
    Chemicals exterminate any pest that hasn’t adapted to the deadly substance inside the agent. They eradicate fast and with an efficiency of up to 100%. Most are very easy to apply and can get in the way of pests that hide in small crevices and other hidings.
  2. Quickness
    Some chemicals for pest control kill slowly because of the active ingredient. However, most pesticides are designed to exterminate the pest in less than 3-4 days, which is much faster compared to organic methods of pest control such as importation or augmentation.
  3. Precise targeting (localized)
    Contrary to biological pest control methods, the chemical substances may target a specific area with high precision. On the other hand, if you release pest-destroying animals, there is no control over their behavior – they may spread wherever they want.
  4. Easy application
    This one helps the customers a lot in their efforts towards DIY pest control with ready-to-use products. Most pesticides sold on the market are packed inside bottles, designed for easy use and application. They are readily available and spraying them on your crops takes a few minutes and a little more time before that to read the instructions, which is something we highly recommend before using pesticides of any type.
  5. Improving productivity
    Pesticides become more and more effective in time but sometimes at the cost of being more toxic and unsustainable. Efforts of scientists are made towards researching pesticides that cause lower pollution and side effects on human health. However, it’s difficult to achieve that because animal species evolve against the chemicals and more poison is required to exterminate pests that are resistant to the old forms of pesticides.
  6. Sports facilities maintenance
    Sports facilities such as pitches and football terrains are endangered by pests too. If the turf is not maintained properly, it will be destroyed and the field will become unusable. Pesticides are used even there for the exterminate pests such as white grub worms, chinch bugs, bluegrass weevils, ants and more.

Disadvantages of Chemical Pest Control

  1. Promote evolution
    We already mentioned this but it’s never useless to explain it further. The use of chemical pesticides stimulates the pest to develop resistance to the chemicals used in pesticides. The resistance is based on alterations in the genetics of the pest and every future generation becomes increasingly pesticide-proofed. This works very well among rodents which produce several litters per year.
  2. Resurgence (non-precise targeting)
    Resurgence happens when the use of pesticides affects the environment and disrupt the organic pest control. The most tremendous side effects of all are when significant animal species such as bees get killed by collateral damage after spraying with chemical pesticides.
    Another side effect of resurgence is when pest-destroying animals such as parasitoid wasps are killed and they pray, mostly other pest insects, no longer have a natural enemy and start to multiply so quickly that completely overwhelm entire agriculture.
  3. Persistent Organic Pollutants
    POP, known as persistent organic pollutants, are extremely dangerous to the non-target organism but also affect the health of people by causing cancer, infertility or problems to the endocrine system.

Impact of Chemical Pesticides on the Environment

  1. Surface water contamination
  2. Groundwater contamination
  3. Soil contamination
  4. Air contamination
  5. Effects on plants
  6. Effects on animals
  7. Direct impact on humans

The texture of Chemical Pesticides

There are chemical pesticides in a different form. You can find it in liquid or harder form and each has its specifications, advantages, and disadvantages. These are the most common forms of chemical pesticides.

Granules / pellets

The insecticides are soaked into coarse particles such as ground corn or nutshells. This way the toxic chemicals come out slowly and have a residual effect. The environment is polluted not at once but instead much slower.

Such type of insecticides is used against soil-dwelling insects for more effective results and penetration into the soil.


Inert particles such as ash, chalk, and talk are used for making a pesticide in dust form. Their most comprehensive application is to disperse them directly onto the surface. Such a particle is usually so small and thin that they immediately stick to the body parts of insects.

This makes it easier for the active chemical ingredient to start taking effect right after the moment of application. Dust chemical pesticides are very unsuitable for application in the open as they are very easily spread by the wind and get into the human body through the respiratory system.


Those are chemical pesticides which are distributed in a powder-like form and require to mix them with water. Such foliar insecticides are described as wettable powders due to the ease of their transportation.


Chemical pesticides based on emulsifiable concentrates do not have a residual effect on fruits and vegetables. They are mostly used in the form of sprays to treat pests in urban and industrial areas.

In standard emulsifiable pesticides, the emulsifier is usually dissolved in an organic solvent and the chemical concentration is watered with higher amounts of water.


Those are insecticides that have been produced and packed inside a spray can and have a solvent inside, added by the manufacturer. Such pesticides have a very long expiration date and are in most cases ready-to-use immediately after purchase.

Some aerosols are designed specifically for fogging machines that are used by pest control experts for fumigation services indoors and outdoors

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#3. Rodent Pest Control Methods

The rodent pest control methods suggested below, are among the most popular ways of dealing with rodents and are used all around the world. Being familiar with them will help you to put an end to any future rodent infestations and will help you to protect your health and property from any disease or structural damage.


Using any rodenticides will give quick and efficient results in terms of exterminating almost any rodent. However, the use of chemicals is often an inadequate solution, especially for domestic and commercial properties.

Chemicals contaminate the environment and cause pests to die slowly, which makes them hide inside walls before getting killed. Their carcasses remain there for weeks and emit a terrible smell. Their dead bodies attract other microorganism and the contamination may turn out to be even higher before starting the pest treatments. For this reason, alternative, chemical-free methods have to be used.


Rodent traps is a non-chemical solution for pest infestations of rodents. There is no pollution with chemicals when rat traps are used and you can easily find the carcass of the dead rodent after it’s exterminated. This makes its disposal much easier.

Proper food bait is required to lure the rodent into the trap. This means whoever is laying the traps should think carefully of what is the most comfortable food for the particular infestation as other animals should not be attracted by the bait, otherwise serious issues may occur.

What we recommend as bait is nuts, chocolate, cereal grains, meat and other food rich in carbohydrates.

Mind that rats are very suspicious about anything new in their environment and traps will initially cause discomfort and a sense of threat among the rodents. This may last for weeks which means the pest will only chop tiny bits off the bait and snapping them inside the trap will take time.

Once a few of them fall victim to the device, lay the traps somewhere else among the property and change the bait. This will give higher effectiveness for extermination.


Glues and sticky boards are considered an inhumane rodent control method. Thus, in some countries, such products are strictly regulated and pest control companies are not allowed to use them for treatments.

Basically, sticky boards consist of a piece of the hard surface covered in the glue on top of which bait is placed. The glue is super sticky and with an instant effect. One a rodent gets on it, it literally starts dissolving on top of it. While dying, the rat or mice is making constant squeaking noises. See a squealing rat trapped on a glue board.

The main disadvantage of glue boards is that it may trap other animals, mostly pets such as snakes, cats, birds and more.

This may lead to fatal consequences if urgent action is not taken.

It may take up to 5 days for a rodent trapped on a glue board to die. The outcome would probably happen because of starvation or dehydration, it’s also possible that other animals would try to consume the trapped one. This whole mess can be easily avoided by using another method for rodent extermination.

At Panther Pest Control we recommend to NOT use glue boards as a solution for any rodent infestation, no matter the scale of the invasion of rats or mice into your property. There many alternatives such as the rodent control methods listed below:


Ultrasonic rodent repellents will have a great repelling effect on any rodents that have infiltrated inside your private or commercial property. Rodents are extremely sensitive to such noises and can’t stand being nearby a source that emits them.

While a person may hear a sound with a frequency of up to 23 000 Hz, a rodent is able to catch noises with a frequency of up to 76 000 Hz.

This fact saves people many problems as it would be really annoying if we could detect the sounds from the ultrasonic repellents as well. Since we can’t, they can be used even in the room where people sleep or spend much of their time at home. If there aren’t any other pets such as dogs, the ultrasonic repellents will be ignored completely by anyone at home.

A note should be taken that such repellent devices cannot kill rodents. They simply make them leave the area around the repelling device which doesn’t guarantee any long-term results in the fight with the rodents.

For this reason, it’s recommended using ultrasonic repellent only outside the living area – inside garages or other out-of-the-house areas, which are well rodent-proofed. This will prevent the pest from making holes into shed and garages.

If such devices do not provide you with the desired results, this means the rodents have adapted to the noise and it no longer disturbs them. Maybe you should hire professionals exterminators who will be able to provide you with a guaranteed treatment.


Another very effective rodent control method is attracting rodent-destroying animals which naturally feed on rats, mice, and another similar pest.

Pet animals such as dogs and cats that are not too domesticated would kill a rodent too. This is hardly enough for destroying a whole population of rodents though. Unless you have an army of at least 10 cats and terriers constantly guarding your property.

Birds of prey would naturally deal with rodents but there aren’t any in urban areas. In case you decide to attract a wild one, it probably won’t work as such birds prefer to hunt on living prey and would not pay attention to any bait you place around.


Terriers used to be extremely popular for rat extermination before advanced chemical rodenticides were invented. This breed is still largely used in farm fields where owners prefer not to spoil the soil of their property with rodenticides and other chemicals.

If cats and dogs are well fed by their owners, there is a very small chance they will run after a rodent. For sure the pet will not go on a hunt for rodents if the owner already provides it with decent quantities of food. Starving dogs, on the other side, are much more likely to react to noises of rodents and to chase them as prey.

Having a domesticated, well-fed pet is sometimes worse than not having a pet at all. It will not kill rodents because there’s no reason for that, in addition to this, its food will attract more of the pesky pest.


Almost any bird of prey is known to naturally deal with rodents. Devices such as hawk kites, which perfectly resemble birds of prey, are even used as a bird control method.

  • Barn Owl
    The barn owl feeds on rodents, mostly those that inhabit fields. These are voles, mice and gophers. A single-family of the barn owl is able to consume an average of 3000 gophers a year. From 10 to 12 gophers is a standard number of gophers being eater by an owl per night.
    In case there is barn owl around your place, you should not be afraid of some common rodents. If this predatory bird is not observed, try to attract it with shelter or food and if it’s not common for your area, better find an alternative species. You can check any of the following below:
  • Eagles
  • Harriers
    Harriers are great natural predators of rodents because of their sharp-eyed sight and hearing.
  • Falcons
    Falcons are swift-flying birds that prey on rodents with great efficiency and quickness. If there are falcons in proximity to your property, then you should not be worried about pests at all.
  • Vultures
  • Vultures feed on rats and often fall victim because of this. Rat poison seems to harm vultures who eat the carcass of poisoned rats. Such a scenario was spotted in Turkey in late 2014 when plenty of vultures were poisoned after preying on dazed rats, poisoned by chemicals.

Rodent Pest Control Home Remedies


While the bay leaf is attractive to rats, it also serves as a natural poison to them and once they consume a decent amount of it, the pest gets exterminated. You can lay some bay leaves in an area infested by rats if you’re doing pest control on your own.

Rats think of bay leaf as their food and tend to eat it but, it actually kills them. Put some bay leaves in the rat-prone area. Keep repeating the process until all of them are gone.


Dried litter of snakes or cats may serve as a great rodent-repelling solution. Naturally, rodents have evolved to find such smells threatening as they give a sign that there is a predator nearby.

You can buy such litter at a zoo store and place it around your property where rats or mice have been spotted. It will not kill them but will at least make them stay away until you come up with an idea for effective pest control.

Note: You should be cautious when using cat litter as rodent detergent because it may be infected with toxoplasmosis, which might be extremely dangerous to humans and other pets.


Ammonia may easily be turned into a spray detergent by adding 2 spoons of detergent from any store in addition to a 100-150ml of water and 2 cups or ammonia.

The mixture will provide instant protection from rodents to the surface it is applied to. Rats, in particular, can’t stand the smell of ammonia and immediately try to avoid it. As long as the substance is applied regularly, you won’t have any rat problems
See more examples of rodent control remedies in our guide on how to get rid of rats.

Rat Pest Control Methods

Make sure you are familiar with the most popular methods of rat extermination. You would like to pick the most comprehensive and effective one when the moment comes.


Rat control with poison is considered one of the most effective ways of rat extermination but hides many threats you should be familiar with in order to do it properly and safely. There are three main types of rodenticides or rat poisons, these are:

  1. Anticoagulants
  2. Metal phosphides
  3. Hypercalcemia


Rat poison is usually a chemical substance for pest control, the effects of which were mentioned in chapter 2- chemical pest control methods. Rodents are clever scavengers and are difficult to kill. They learn fast to avoid dangerous foods.

Generally, rodenticides have an either instant or residual effect on the rodent and exterminate it slowly (up to 5 days) or shortly after the pest consumes the rat poison.

Most rat poisons are infused with rat food for easier consumption. When rats or mice take tiny bits of it, they may not be eradicated instantly. This is fine, as more of the rat poison is required for the kill, which they eat hours or days after the first take.

If rat poison that was spread in the infested area hasn’t been consumed by the rodents, don’t remove it. Rats are often suspicious about new stuff at their place, even food and won’t make any contact with it until they feel safe to proceed.

We recommend the usage of residual rat poisons because this makes another pest less stressed about the poison and they also get to it for a bite, which increases the effectiveness of the treatment significantly.


In case you decide to use rat poison on your own, we advise you to read these helpful tips on how to use rat poison correctly.

They will provide you with essential information for non-problematic DIY rat control with great efficiency. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to read what’s going on if any signs of not successful extermination appear.

  • Rodenticides may be harmful ingested by non-target wildlife. Pets are less threatened as they need to eat tremendous amounts of rat poison to get any serious health issues. Usually, such a volume of rodenticides is not applied during treatments.
  • Change bait if it’s gone or hasn’t been tested by the rodents. Do this at least once in every 4 weeks, not earlier.
  • Dispose of dead rodent as soon as possible. You want to avoid disease transmission.
  • Most recommendations suggest changing out rodent bait every 4-6 weeks. Very moldy or decayed baits are unattractive to rodents, and thus may not be any better than no baits at all.
  • The dye of the rodenticide changes the color of the mice and rat droppings. If they become red, green or blue, this is a sure sign that the pest has eaten from the poison and its effect has started.


Snap traps are a classic solution for a rodent infestation and are largely used even nowadays. Often they turn out to be an even better solution than chemical rodenticides. Snap traps are the preferred pest control solution over glue traps for the reasons we mentioned earlier in this post.

The core difference between the two devices is that the snap trap gives a quick and clean dead, while glue boards are very inhumane, cause a lot of agony to the animal and threaten other animal species, specifically wildlife and pets.

The biggest downsides of mousetraps are the mess and cruelty. You’ll have to deal with a dead mouse, which is not only disgusting but it also puts you at risk of contracting the disease. Between setting the traps and cleaning up the ensuing mess, they can be a lot of work.


  • Use plenty of them, not just a few. Wherever a rodent was spotted, a trap should be placed. No matter the observation, the rats are always more than expected.
  • In case a property is infested mostly by rats, use largе size traps. Otherwise, there’s a risk of failure in the snap trap for not being powerful enough to kill the rodent instantly.
  • Leave a distance of 4-6 meters between each trap. Clutter is not recommended and will only reduce the productivity of the snap traps.
  • Leave traps around even when there isn’t an infestation of rodent. This way you will make new coming pests comfortable with the object since their arrival. Once you put baits on them, they will be less skeptical to take a bite and get snapped to death instantly.
  • Use gloves when handling the carcasses of rodents to avoid disease transmission and bacterial contamination.
  • Make sure your hands are very clean before dealing with traps. If you have made contact with an animal like a dog or cat before that, the smell will be transferred to the trap and will act as a natural deterrent. This will prevent the rat from getting nearby the trap which will make its extermination almost impossible via the contaminated snap traps.

Common Rat Control Products

  1. Rat baits
  2. Rat Bait Kits
  3. Rat Bait Stations
  4. Rat Traps
  5. Sound Repellent Device

Mice Pest Control Methods


Mice are highly intelligent as our canine friends – dogs, these furry rodents are natural students who excel at learning and understanding concepts for survivability. This makes them able to sneak into very small areas with limited amounts of food and shelter.

The poor sanitation of most buildings where food is stored, often attracts house mice in great numbers, if not pest-proofed. Good sanitation will increase the possibility of dealing with the mice infestation and will reduce food and shelter options for the already existing mice. Also, well-sanitized premises, in turn, make baits and traps much more effective.

When the food sources are secured, the next step is to pay particular attention to eliminate all places where mice can find shelter. If every spot in the home or business property where mice can hide or build nests and reproduce is well sanitized and proofed, they cannot survive in large numbers.

Making the Property Mouse-Proof

A really successful method with lasting effect in battling with rodents is to block their access and prevent them from entering a building through cracks, openings in building foundations, openings in water pipes, vents and other utilities.

You should seal any openings inside the building larger than ¼ inch. For this purpose, you can use steel wool mixed with a caulking compound. Try to apply the mixture evenly and smooth the surface so that mice won’t be able to pull out or chew through the patching material. Avoid using any easily chewable materials – plastic sheeting or screen, wood or rubber for sealing the gaps.

Make sure that all doors, windows, and screens are also mouse-proofed by ensuring that they are well insulated. A good option is to cover the edges with metal to prevent rodents from gnawing. Also, try to block out mice from accessing any places where food is stored. Best keep any dried grain and meat products in resealable airtight or metal containers.


Trapping is also one of the most useful ways to prevent mice access to your property, not just a rodent control method. It is the preferred method, most commonly, when there are just a few of them. Trapping has a variety of benefits:

  1. It is a non-hazardous method;
  2. It allows users to be sure that the mouse has been exterminated;
  3. Users are able to remove the mouse remains, so they can avoid any unpleasant odors that may appear when poisoning mice.

Sound and Electronic Devices

The use of sound and electronic devices for rodent control has very limited success for various reasons. It is true that mice react to loud, strange or unfamiliar noises. But when those noises become repetitive, the rodents stop paying attention to them and easily ignore them. A simple proof is a fact that mice live in very noisy locations like factories and even grain mills. There is also a limitation of the ultrasonic sound as it is directional and doesn’t pass through solid objects.

The operational range of ultrasonic devices is limited for one more reason – the intensity of the ultrasonic signal gets weaker with distance. No reliable research provides any data that artificially created sounds of any kind repel rats and mice away from industrial or home buildings as these rodents adapt quickly to repetitive sounds.

Mice Control Home Remedies

After all, prevention methods are most effective when you don’t let mice in your property. This way you won’t have to kill or deter them.

  1. Use Better Containers
    The list of building materials that mice can chew through is a long one. Just to mention a few, mice can chew their way through the paper, wood, cardboard, plastic, vinyl, and aluminum. So if there is food packed in boxes, don’t mistake it for being safe. As you can see from above, plastic is not a decent option as well.
    What can be used is metal, ceramic and glass. These are considered a much better alternative, however, watch for soft plastic lids though, they’re a weak spot. Jars and metal coffee cans are also an excellent choice for food storage.
  2. Mouse-Proof Storage Units
    Thinking on a bigger scale than individual containers where your food is in, another option is to completely rodent-proof your overall pantry by keeping products in a larger cabinet. Mice are also known as good climbers so single shelves won’t do any good. Therefore a sturdy cabinet with a tightly sealed door might do the trick.


The aluminum foil is a much more humane method against mice infestation rather than using traps or hiring professional exterminators. Squeeze the aluminum foil through cracks in the wall and the mice should disappear even if the foil doesn’t fill the whole empty area. The sharp texture of the aluminum is what scares the mouse from trying to slide through it.


Go back to the chapter where we talk about pest-destroying animals. Overall, terriers are the most suitable pets you can get as a natural form of mice control.


Take some cotton balls and soak them with 20-30 drops of peppermint oil and leave them in corners, near the sinkhole and wherever else it’s needed. Once the smell of peppermint fades away, this means the time to replace the balls with new ones has come. Alternatively, you can use fresh mint leaves or mint toothpaste if you are not able to get yourself the oil. Why don’t you plant some fresh mint in your garden?


The smell of ammonia is very repulsive to rodents and it is enough to drive them away for long periods of time. Now instead of using it only for a cleaning agent, you can create a wonderful rodent repellent from ammonia. How? It’s easy. Mix 2 cups of ammonia with 100ml. of water, then add 2 spoons of detergent and place in a bowl. Put the bowl in a place where mice appear most often.


This method is easy and fun. Fake until you make it real! Sometimes it is not very appropriate and affordable to get a real predator that will keep the pest away from your premises, then simply play brain games with the rodents by placing replicas of actual predators. This is what a fake owl looks like. If you don’t like this, maybe try the fake flying hawk deterrent.

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Pest Control vs. Exterminators … What’s the difference?

What precisely is an exterminator and how can it contrast from a vermin the board proficient? A long-time back your folks may have rushed to get the telephone and state “I need these ants killed now!” The reaction was a synthetically obtrusive treatment that necessary them to be out of the house for quite a long time, which during that time synthetic substances were siphoned into the dividers and the house was “bombarded.” In the end, now and then the medicines worked, however frequently they didn’t. In any event, when it worked, the ants regularly returned in light of the fact that the concoction treatment was only a Band-Aid and not a genuine arrangement.

For a very long time, even still today, the rush of the kill is the thing that a few people need to see with regards to managing undesirable irritations. They need to stroll into a room that was dealt with forcefully with synthetic substances and see a slaughter of dead cockroaches tummy up everywhere throughout the floor. Property holders may imagine an eliminator with a knapsack loaded up with synthetic substances utilizing the splash hose to shower synthetics all through a home and afterward watch the bugs tumbling from the roof. That scene is the thing that property holders imagined when managing different irritations in their homes.

The meaning of annihilating is to “wreck totally,” likewise connected with the words “slaughter,” “put to death,” “eradicate from the presence,” and so forth. subsequently why the nonexistent scene of exterminators appears to be so significant with mortgage holders. While the word may recommend the destruction of an irritation populace, once in a while does this happen, which is blessed for us all in light of the fact that even nuisances assume a significant job in the earth and our planet’s nature? Still, we would prefer not to see undesirable bugs and critters in our homes either on the grounds that they can nibble or sting us, can cause malady, harm our homes or effects, or essentially simply be upsetting to see. This is the place proficient vermin the executives become an integral factor. Bug issues must be overseen such that keeps them out of our homes while ensuring the earth, both inside our homes and in nature.

Exterminators and nuisance the executive’s experts have a few contrasts, despite the fact that their objective of wiping out the bugs might be comparative. Exterminators depend on pesticides to wipe out the undesirable nuisances, utilizing synthetic concoctions that could be more harmful than should be expected through an irritation control proficient will concentrate on why the vermin are available and hope to modify the conditions that pulled in them in any case. On the off chance that synthetic compounds become essential, the bug the board proficient will utilize all the more ecologically well-disposed items to dispose of the bugs. Bug control organizations will in general use items that are similarly as compelling on the bugs, however, they have little scent, are considerably less dangerous to people and pets and are applied in a very focused on design. A few medications even totally dispose of the utilization of pesticides. The greatest distinction is that bug the executive’s experts search for long haul arrangements, instead of essentially splashing synthetic compounds to slaughter the vermin you see.

Notwithstanding utilizing less synthetic substances, bug the board organizations will, in general, be progressively taught in the compelling manners to dispense with every particular irritation. For example, at Cooper Pest Solutions, our professionals realize exact approaches to dispense with undesirable bugs, similar to bloodsuckers and that treatment convention isn’t equivalent to when managing another vermin, for example, cover scarabs. Every single vermin has a particular purpose behind being available and requires an alternate way to deal with killing it from your home. It is anything but a one-size-fits-all treatment strategy. Most nuisance experts likewise get serious preparing to turn into a specialist and acquire extra preparation all through their vocation. As research and innovation progress, specialists obtain further preparing to keep awake-to-date on bothering the board rehearses with explicit vermin.

Despite the fact that the ultimate objective of exterminators and nuisance control experts is to dispose of the vermin, that is the place the likenesses end. OK rather stroll into your home smelling synthetic substances all over the place and still be uncertain if your nuisance issue was killed? Or on the other hand, feel sure that a prepared specialist from Cooper Pest Solutions knows the best possible treatment conventions to manage your irritation issue so you and your family can have a true serenity? Cooper Pest Solutions’ prepared experts furnish you with a long haul answer for your bug issue as opposed to a handy solution.

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Professional Pest control services in Dhaka City

Every day we are facing many types of problems in our daily life. Pests are one of them and not only a nuisance but also harmful to our health. But don’t worry, MCP Idea provides professional pest control services in Dhaka City.

Pests are the reason for many types of dangerous diseases like dengue and malaria, cockroaches carrying pathogens like Salmonella causing typhoid, rats causing rat-bite fever and the dreaded plague, termites which eat into your expensive furniture thus damaging the beauty of your home, birds’ makings nests anywhere and thus soiling the place and many more.

The best way to control pests by hiring a professional pest control company. If you search online for a professional pest control service provider in Dhaka you will found hundreds of pest control companies, but if you want the best services at a cost-effective and competitive price, look no further than  Pest Control Services.

Our Pest Control Services in Dhaka city

To know more about the services we offer, just keep on reading –

Top Pest Control Services in Dhaka

If you find yourself facing issues with termites, rodents or any other bugs, then don’t need to worry. We are here to offer our clients the best and reliable and professional pest control services in the entire Dhaka city. Our team of skilled professionals plans the pest control according to the size of your home, office, level of infestation and some other important considerations. We take pride in taking the responsibility to free up your home or office from uninvited pests.

Cockroach and Ant Control

These high-risk pests should be shown the exit door from your home or office. From contaminating your food to causing serious health issues, cockroaches and ants can turn out to be really problematic. So you need to ensure to invest in cockroach and ant control.

Lizard Control

It’s not just that they are scary, but they also can lead to some serious health problems. Their presence in homes can cause a risk of infectious diseases. Well, that’s why you should need to go for lizard control at your residence.

Bed Bugs Control

Allergic reactions to their bites can be really serious. It’s also said that the mental health of people living in infested homes can be disturbed. So, it’s highly important to go for bed bugs control project in case you are having those little monsters in your home or office.

Termite Control

Termites are not only known to cause damage to the property, but people living in infested homes or offices can also experience some serious liver diseases. They may reside in wooden materials even without showing their presence. They feed on wood and that’s why they can turn out to be really destructive for all the wooden stuff present at your home or office. But you don’t need to worry; we are here to offer termite control services.

Rat and Rodent Control

Rat bites and scratches can result in serious health issues and rat-bite fever. Moreover, rat urine is responsible for causing diseases like leptospirosis which can result in liver and kidney damage. With all these serious health issues, you will never want to share your home with those pests. Well, that’s why we are here to help with rat and rodent control services.

Bird Netting Services

It’s highly important to avoid bird netting in homes or offices. Their presence can create a lot of health-related issues. Their droppings are so acidic in nature that they can result in permanent discoloration of stones or painted metals. So in case you are having any such intruders at your home or office, you should definitely consider showing them the back door. Our teams work with the help of advanced technologies and can help you get the mess cleared.

Rat Guard Installation

In case you have got serious rat problems at your home or office, then we are here to help. With our rat guard installation services, we are here to help you get your home or office free from infestation.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are pests with which every Bangladeshi household is familiar. The warm & humid conditions of the Indian subcontinent, along with wet monsoons, provide ample breeding grounds for mosquitoes. It does not only feed on human blood but also injects the organisms into the bloodstream which may cause Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya and other viral infections.

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Office pest control service in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Pest problems can be a big issue for commercial property owners, business owners, office managers, facility management companies and the businesses operating within these office buildings. The challenges to maintaining a healthy and safe office environment and making sure staff have access to clean and hygienic facilities are many. But don’t worry, We are here to provide office pest control service in Dhaka including all over Bangladesh.

Any office involving pests such as rats, mice, fleas, flies, bed bugs or stored product insects can be distressing for any staff and visitor.

A study of the business impact of pests of 1000 non-food businesses found that the negative effect on staff morale and also was the most cited impact of an infestation, with businesses saying they also suffered a drop in business revenue and damage to their reputation.


The risks in the offices are numerous, varied and require quick and effective steps to protect staff, visitors and your reputation. We’re here to help you deal with pest threats in your business environment. Our local qualified surveyors will complete a survey of your office site by determining the level of risk and provide a comprehensive report highlighting potential pest entry areas. Our professional solutions will help ensure that any nuisance is quickly eradicated and that you comply with health and safety regulations.


To assess the level of risk, we will carefully survey your entire office space and define a service that is reasonably appropriate to ensure you do not have pest problems.


If there is a problem, our quick response commitment means that your local technician will be with you quickly in dealing with the pest problem so that it does not come back.


If you are responsible for a network of premises, all of these accounts can be included in a single service agreement with the Account Manager to coordinate service delivery across your office. Each individual site will still have its link with local technicians and reviewers.


All information from each service visit is captured on your online reporting and analysis portal, My Rentokil. It records the details of pest activity and measures taken together and recommendations for risk reduction. Accessed online through multiple devices, it gives you onsite insect management 24/7 and provides a comprehensive monitoring trail.


A compatible network of connected devices that provides 24/7 monitoring, fast response, and protection against poker. Paste Connect works seamlessly and discreetly without damaging your business network. Specially designed to detect, capture and humanely eliminate various pests.

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Home pest control services in Dhaka Bangladesh

For the last ten years, MCP Idea and dedicated team members have been providing comprehensive home pest control services for homeowners throughout Dhaka City, including throughout Bangladesh. Continuous quarterly pest control, horizons and bed bug removal from new construction solutions. Our and pest control technicians have been bugging you for over 20 years with the latest technological and environmentally friendly pest control services to protect you and your family’s health and home. To request your free quote, give us a call!


Here at Cadenhead Services, we have developed a quarterly home pest control program to help Dhaka homeowners keep their homes free of nuisance and potentially harmful insects, including ants and spiders. This year-round pest program includes preliminary internal and external inspection and treatment for existing insect problems and then ongoing services every quarter.


  • A dedicated, highly trained pest control technician
  • Exterior treatments to create a barrier of protection around your home
  • Internal treatment upon specific request
  • Free re-service if the pest problem under our Pest Control Services appears in our regularly scheduled service inspections

At MCP Idea, we understand how frustrating it can be to deal with a pest attack, so offer our professional help to get rid of them. If you’re looking for quality you can trust, you’ve found it with us! What you are opposed to is that you can count on us. If you are located in Dhaka or another city in BD, call or text 01642008383 to help us!

Need Pest control service in Bangladesh or Pest Control service in Dhaka? Call us at 01642008383

Professional house pest control service in Dhaka city, BD

The MCP Idea House Pest Control Service will put together a package where your house and property are protected from both general pests and pests. Our highly trained staff can help you find the plan that best suits your budget as well as your needs. We are proud to be a full-service paste and termite control company.


  • Insect Baiting & Monitoring (Ants, Roaches, Spiders, Fleas, etc)
  • Preventative Services
  • Discounted Monthly, Bi-Monthly, and Quarterly Packages Available
  • Bed Bug Heat Treatment
  • Mosquito Control
  • Termites

house pest control services in dhaka

The Four Seasons Quarterly Pest Control Program is designed to eliminate pest problems before moving into your house pest control services in dhaka. The program is fully and well designed, targeting ants, roaches, spiders, centipedes, millipedes, and most common house worms. However, if the pest problem comes around with our “obstacles” established during our scheduled visit, we will go back at no cost until the problem is eliminated in dhaka


Our Four Seasons Quarterly Pest Control Program provides four services per year, with no additional service visits costing you any extra. Our program is designed to meet your pest needs with your “Pest Minimum” while maintaining a pest-free environment.

Spring, summer and fall applications will focus on the outdoors where pests are produced. This helps prevent pests from ever entering your house. And pest problems before they become a problem! Winter service is a service where we will call to schedule an indoor visit, so we can criticize your house for visiting and examining insect shelters. If any pest problems arise in one of our “regularly scheduled visits” we will go back to take care of them at no extra charge

If the MCP Idea Four Seasons Quarterly House Pest Control Program is to keep your family and your house pest-free, call us at  01719198778 or contact us for a free estimate.

Need Pest control in Bangladesh or Pest Control in Dhaka? Call us at 01642008383

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