Your Local Licensed Entomology Based Safe Pest Control Company in Dhaka

What’s App, Imo, Viber +8801723057746! If you are looking local pest control company to solve your pest issue any premises by safe, eco-friendly alternatives to toxic pesticides measures! First have free conversation to our Applied Entomologist then decide who is perfect pest control operator in Dhaka Bangladesh. Among thousands of pest control operator our mission is to solve your pest issue in very less invasive hassle free eco-friendly and safe ways by integration of best of the best perfect pesticide, tools, monitoning and evaluation after service operation. We are licensed from Khamar Bari Plant wing, from the Govt. of the People, Agriculture Extension. Every service we operate is well planned, customers safety get top moat priority before during and after service operation. Pest control doesnt mean having some sprayer, exterminator or licence only! It requires engagement of lots of field experiences, having the ability customize any pest issue in safe ways and never exist the economic threshold level. Pest Control means after having pest issue calling some one who is not credible to do thia job! Most of the pest control service in Dhaka are not even environment friendly too. There are more than 10k individual service provider so be careful before ordering your service from which man and Institute is providing your service.

Pest Control Technically should be sound, not labour based it actually should dependent Applied Entomology only under the crop protection.

For every pest issue in home and business and environment already there are lots of invented technology which are might be chemical control, some are physical methods, some are ipm based commercial pest control.

If it is mandatory to control through chemical then Urban Pest control Pvt. Ltd. Will offer you best safe and environment friendly botanical medicine Against that pest, we having sophisticated termite queen luring method to eliminate entire termite colony from any Urban Structures. We have most effective rat control programme to eradicate any kind rat population from any place in safe ways. We have most effective proven efficient pest control measures by implementation of insect proof production and packaging and warehouses section for the industries which are 100% alternative to toxic pesticides.

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